visually and in words

The word design really expresses more than a single item - it describes a very large category of things. You might need help to visualize an idea and sell it to your client or board. Sketches, pictures or a Power-Point presentation - the alternatives vary - but one thing is sure, and that is that the look can be very important in persuading or convincing your public that this is what they want or need.

I would recommend you to always come well prepared. Logo Grande can help you get the idea going too. If you want to produce a particular logotype and graphic profile or make a folder, poster, and or maybe a few business-cards. We can help you. So think about the possibilities of a powerful impression and what you need. Send me an e-mail, or give me a call, and we can discuss this further.

I think the look and impression you give to your client can be very important. We will gladly help you get the right look for you and your company. Small or big - impressions last. So no matter if you are just starting up, or have been doing your thing for years, we can offer you the design that you need.


Stockholm,  December 2017

A logotype is the face of the company. It is the symbol - that should tell you as a client, or first time viewer of the symbol, what this company stands for. It is just as important that you, also as owner or employee, know the values and core of the firm you are working for.

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New York,  January 2018

We have worked many years with many clients over the years. Contact us if you have something that you need help with, maybe just updating the look your company is portraying today. Don't fell that you will be fine, tween your look all the time, stay up to date, give your client the freshness and felling that you are the perfect choice for them.

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Important, helpful, smart... Do you use design to help your clients. What is it to you?

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Shapes and colours

What shapes and colors will enhance you brand?

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Copy, fonts & letters

What is said and how it is said is also a feeling of your brand. You can use lettering and fonts as graphic elements too...

What are your most important words?


Ta chansen att ligga i framkant och vara rätt för din kund. Få till ditt visuella uttryck - få din personal att vara stolt över ert varumärke.